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RecOmmendations for the Use of GeosyntHetics in Nordic conditions (ROUGH)

Geosynthetics are commonly used in the Nordic countries for a number of different functions and structures. The Nordic countries have commonly challenging conditions with soft subsoils and cold temperatures and freezing/thawing. At present, there are however no specific regulations and requirements for geosynthetics and geosynthetic-related products that address the specific conditions regarding low temperatures, installation conditions and soft subsoils. Based on discussion with traffic authorities the Nordic development project ROUGH has been established to identify and address special requirements for  geosynthetics and geotextile related products to ensure technically and economically optimal solutions in countryspecific climates and conditions. The project included literature study, collection of experience and a field test with installation in cold temperatures.

Guideline: Guidelines for the Use of Geosynthetics in Nordic conditions
Product requirements, Installation and Quality Control
(reinforcement/stabilisation, filtration, drainage, sealing)