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SINTEF Laboratory Qualifying Program (SLQP)

During the NorGeoSpec certification process with continuous surveillance and regular controls, a selection of characteristics is tested. The accuracy and reliability of the tests are of primary importance for all parties engaged in the process: the producers, the certifying body and the final users. The economic consequences of a defective test result can be significant: the loss of certification of a product. Past experience shows that, even when test standards are adhered to, the results of the same test performed under different conditions can exhibit considerable variations.

In order to ensure a high level of quality in the results from different NorGeoSpec laboratories, SINTEF has launched a laboratory qualifying programme. Participation in this programme is a condition for all NorGeoSpec laboratories.

In order to give other interested laboratories (e.g. producer laboratories and administration laboratories) the opportunity of harmonising their results with those of the NorGeoSpec laboratories, the system is open to these laboratories too.

Content of the programe:

  • continuous round- robin tests (evaluation of test results)
  • harmonisation of test procedures (technical notes)
  • regular auditing of the laboratories (every 2 years) obligatory for NorGeoSpec laboratories
  • Regular meetings (once per year) of the laboratories involved


  • NorGeoSpec involved laboratories (obligatory)
  • laboratories of e.g. transport administrations
  • laboratories of producers (factory production control)

More detailed information on the programme is available from Christian Recker christian.recker@sintef.no